About Us

Unique solar systems was established in 2015. We offer our clients many years Of experience in solar power related products and have more than 5 000 Uninterruptible Power Supply units in the market to date. Since our inception we have set up Sales. Service. Rental Workshop and Installation throughout Zimbabwe and neighboring countries to offer our customers all encompassing and reliable power solutions. We are so confident in our products and services that we ensure our customers backup against power problems.


Our high quality and versatile products are continuously being distributed and maintained throughout Zimbabwe. Unique solar systems journey over a year has been a fascinating saga of pioneering initiatives; responsible business practices that have a minimal impact on the environment; and initiating several socio-economic changes in our community. In its quest to deliver sustainable energy, the Company is spreading its footprint nationwide, setting new benchmarks for operational efficiencies, investing in global resources and redefining paradigms. Its focus on building lasting and trusting relationships with its customers, partners and employees and the legacy of caring for its communities, remains the bedrock of its continued


Our Vision

We believe in the sustainability of renewable energy as a macro trend of business matters. Over the last few years renewable energies have grown out of the incubation phase and have emerged as an economically viable, ecologically superior, secure clean method and safe source of energy.

We recognize that solar power is emerging as a mainstay power supply technology and will contribute significantly to the future energy mix all over the world.We are fully committed to contribute to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the globe.

Our Mission

Contributing to this game-changing, global development with our top expertise in renewable energy and PV, leveraging our ability to work at the crossroads of business, technology and finance.

Advancing this industry by serving our clients and creating measurable value for them. Proceeding with the large-scale utilization of

renewable energy and PV with our entrepreneurial drive, committing our own resources and joining forces with as well as providing knowledge to local partners for the deployment of PV projects in selected emerging markets.

Our Values

Quality / Safety

Mankind and the environment, the product and its utilization - achieving the optimum together.


Responsibility for the

environment and the

satisfaction of both staff

and customers.

Ethics / Moral

Respect for mankind, the

environment and nature without exception.


Treating everyone with sincerity and integrity.

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